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THE SWEET GOLDEN YAM (sweet potato) has been something to celebrate ever since the Frenchmen, who established the first settlement here in 1760, discovered the native Indians eating sweet potatoes. Already tested by the Attakapas, Alabama, Choctaw, and Opelousas Tribes, the tasty nourishing sweet potato became the favorite food item of the French and Spanish settlers, who in 1765, established a trading post near Opelousas. Thus the Indians, French, Spanish and Acadians, who later migrated from Canada, devoted their efforts to making the “golden yam” a prime crop.

The Yambilee Festival was born over a cup of coffee. The idea of a Yambilee was conceived by J.W. “Bill” Low, a native TexanwhoadoptedOpelousasas his homeland. His suggestion was heartily endorsed by his friend, Felix Dazauche, a yam shipper and processor. 

The first Louisiana Yambilee festival had a queen, Jean Horecky of Church Point, no king and 2 Co-Mr. Yams, Jack Herbert and Alfred Lagrange, both from Opelousas. The first king reigned during the second festival and was R.J. Castille of Sunset.

The Yambilee Festival starts on the Wednesday of the last full weekend of October and continues throughout the weekend.

We look forward to seeing you at the Louisiana Yambilee Festival.

 "And we guarantee, You'll have a Yam-Good-Time!" 


69th Yambilee Queen

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Caroline Cosgrove 


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