THE YAMBILEE KING is chosen each year by the board in recognition for his achievements and success in the yam industry and/or service to the Louisiana Yambilee, Inc.

THE QUEEN is selected from a host of princesses from throughout Louisiana by a panel of judges. She must be single and 18 years or older.

MR. YAM OR MRS. YAM is selected by the Board of Directors for his or her significant contribution to the development and growth of the Sweet Potato Industry.

PARADE MARSHALL is also selected by the Board of Directors from individuals active in the area business world, civic and volunteer organizations and/or the Louisiana Yambilee, Inc.

YAMS TEEN PAGEANT - Ages 12 to 17 years. Selected by judges.

JUNIOR ROYALTY - QUEEN MARIGOLD AND KING WILLYAM - Contestants must be at least 8 years old and not older than 11 by October 21. Selected by judges.

KING AND QUEEN YUM-YUM - Ages 0 months to 7 years. Selected by judges.
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